The exponential growth of the Cloud Technology


The Cloud technology experienced a massive exponential growth in the last couple of years. This isn’t surprising as the Cloud technology offers many advantages over other conventional types of data storage. The increase in the options and tools that different Cloud servers offer is another thing that attracts various companies.

Some companies are still weary of Cloud companies, and they are reluctant to rely on it. Those concerns are justified if you consider the lack of cheap and affordable security options to Cloud servers. This pushed many enterprises toward hybrid clouds. The debate about the merits of this kind of data preservation has been going for quite a while, and many entities saw the advantages of hybrid clouds. The benefits of this system include high-security levels, cost-effectiveness, and important public cloud attributes.


Active trends in Cloud computing

BYOD aka bring your device is an ongoing trend that represents the introduction of Cloud to mobile devices. An increasing number of people use mobile devices to store data on Cloud servers. This poses a challenge to employers as they have to sync those mobile devices with the company servers. This trend is excellent as it connects the cloud servers and mobile phones and makes the data transfer easier.

   The expansion of Cloud technology allowed the use of high-end graphic applications to people who lack the hardware to run them. The secret is in the Cloud servers that host applications that contain high-end visual technologies. The only thing a user needs is to run the application with an HTML5 web browser.

Another great thing about the Cloud technology is the introduction of web-powered applications that can run on different platforms. The user doesn’t have to download anything, and they can run an application on different platforms because it is hosted on the server. The experts expect the expansion of this idea and that web-based applications with replacing everything else in next couple of years.


Future Cloud trends that will change the world

The race to grab your data is on, and many big companies are in the contest. Many big Cloud enterprises are out to take your data, and they improve their software to attract new clients. The data they seek is like oil to countries, and they increase the value of their business with the amount of data they store. This is an excellent thing as they improve all aspects of Cloud-based data storage, including the security of the data, which was always an issue.

Data transfer from conventional storage devices to Cloud servers was slow in the past, but the technology is progressing. The increase of the data transfer resulted in technological breakthroughs that are turning this slow transfer into a copy/paste. New advances are allowing fast data transfer that lacks the complexity that comes with data staging, transformation, and integration.

The Cloud companies are accepting hybrid clouds faster than anyone expected. This type of data storage offers advantages that big companies can’t ignore and that caused a revolution in the world of data storage. This revolution is changing the Cloud servers and making them safer and easier to navigate.

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